The Finance and Fundraising Committee plays a critical role in the day-to-day function of the Fraternity. The Finance and Fundraising committee collaborates with the Treasurer to manage Chapter funds and allocate funds for Fraternity use. This committee has the sole responsibility to approve or deny fund requests and thus is integral to the development of the Fraternity. Supported by Chapter Dues and generous donations, the Finance and Fundraising Chair ensures that event spending works to promote the values of the Fraternity. Each quarter, the Finance and Fundraising Chair works with the Treasurer to develop a quarterly budget, which is presented to the Fraternity at the first Chapter meeting of each quarter.

The Finance and Fundraising Chair is also responsible for creating, planning, and executing Chapter fundraisers. Each quarter, the Committee sets a fundraising goal in order to maintain a sustainable income ratio. Funds raised through fundraisers are dedicated toward Chapter development, aiding members in traveling to Washington, D.C. for the Annual P.A.D. Pre-Law Conference, and expanding the variety of events the Chapter holds. Each fundraiser promotes the visibility of our Fraternity on campus to all undergraduate students by engaging in open dialogues with potential new members and other RSOs.