Established Spring 2016, the Mock Trial Committee’s vision was to foster our member’s interests in trials and debates, while also preparing our Chapter to compete at the Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity, International Annual Convention. The MT Committee’s goal focuses on creating a team that will represent the talent and skill that the UW Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta possess. The Committee will give Fraternity members familiarity with inner workings of courtrooms through different types of trial procedures. The Mock Trial Committee offers another very helpful aspect to the Fraternity as it aids members understanding of court room behavior and offers a chance to begin honing the necessary skills for practicing law post passing the bar.

For the many of the Fraternity’s members interested in law, getting a solid idea of trial work proves challenging, so through this committee, members will have the opportunity to either act as an attorney or witness and start to understand how the job works and what is required of them. Not only will these mock trials advance the skills of our members, by creating a helpful, respectful environment, members participating will bonding and strengthening the Phi Alpha Delta pre-law community. Largely through teamwork and giving a hand when needed, members participating will work together to learn and prepare their cases for the final mock trial. For new members, MT committee will be a great way to step out of comfort zones and learn more. The Mock Trial’s ultimate goal is to show that Phi Alpha Delta is one of the best ways to introduce undergraduates to the legal profession and legal world. Together, our members will transform our Fraternity from a community to a dominating force at the University of Washington.