The Philanthropy Committee ensures our organization has a lasting impact on our community. An impact that is positive, unifying, and of service. Overarching our participation in various, inclusive events within the Greater Seattle Area, the main goal of the committee is to promote connectivity and a sense of community among all residents of Seattle. Re-chartering in the Spring of 2015, Phi Alpha Delta has begun to establish a working relationship with Hearthstone, a retirement facility, where members visit residents on a continual basis. The Philanthropy Committee is committed to establishing philanthropic partnerships with organizations around Seattle that promote inclusion, community, and wellness.

The Philanthropy Chair is responsible for seeking new opportunities for our volunteers to donate their time around Seattle. The Chair oversees a committee that is focused on giving back in a continual, sustainable fashion that enforces our deeply held value of service to the community. This year, the Philanthropy Committee is working on broadening partnerships with organizations around the Greater Seattle Area.